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Peruvian Amazon Tours

The magnificent Amazon Rainforest is one of the most beautiful, endangered and unique place on the face of the earth. It is a place that cannot be described merely by words. It’s a place one should experience rather than just imagining. Peruvian Amazon Tours take you through the mystical western part of the Amazon rainforest, marking the mouth of the Amazon River.

Peruvian Amazon River Tours

Get set with your bag pack for a journey deep into the Amazon Rainforest
Peruvian Amazon tours are all about exploring the upper reaches of the exotic Amazon River, one of the greatest ecosystems of the world. Hiking through the rainforest, wandering in ferry, viewing wildlife, fishing for piranha, surrounded by breath-taking views people can only imagine.

Once in a Lifetime Experience
Trekking through the untamed trails in the jungle or relaxing in a hammock surrounded by armies of fearless hummingbirds, once in a lifetime experience that will transform your perception of the natural world. Peruvian Amazon tours take you down a winding stream in a dugout canoe and lift you high into the rainforest canopy. If one is lucky one might surprise howler monkeys and macaws, and possibly the elusive jaguar. A hub of adventure and serenity: twilight hikes in look out for of nocturnal creatures, phenomenal view of fauna, exhilarating swims in pristine lakes and backwater creeks. This is an eco-conscious Amazon adventure and a paradise for nature-lovers. Peruvian Amazon tours are all about discovery.

Experience the tropical rainforest closely, the cry of colorful tropical birds, the lush smell of the rainforest, soaring trees, incredible reptiles and amphibians and the list is almost endless. One can also enjoy individual excursion to virgin rain forest areas on Lake Mamori, Jaú National Park. On Manu Reserve, Tambopata National Reserve, Pacaya Samiria – Iquitos and other areas along the Amazon river This extraordinary Amazon jungle welcomes you to witness the mesmerizing nightlife and spear fishing at night.

Peruvian Amazon Tours - Live the Amazon life

Meeting the waters of Negro river and Solimões river passing through the village of Careiro.

Amazon river and Tambopata River passing through the native community villages.

Don’t miss the canoe trip for bird watching, giant otters, macaws / parrots pink dolphins, piranha fishing by canoe for the alligator spotting. It’s no doubt a traveler’s paradise in the flooded forest and small channels where you will see and learn about the fauna and flora of this fantastic heaven of the Amazon jungle.

last but not the least, a visit to the house of the locals to learn about their simple yet exuberant life will become a part of Amazon that one can carry back home.

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